Hydra Tunes: 7.3L (Modified Injector) | 1023 DIESEL Calibrated


Performance Tunes from 1023 DIESEL for your (7.3L) Powerstroke Diesel.

Base price: $80 for single tune - additional tunes just $34/per calibration (file).

Requires larger, modified aftermarket injectors
Calibrated exclusively for PHP's Hydra Chip


1023 Calibrated (7.3L) Modified Injector Hydra Chip File(s) *

Select up to calibration options:

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+ $34.00
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You truck’s tire size (inches).


What is your Axle Ring Gear Size (if modified)?


Do you have a modified valve body?

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Download Library: access your calibration files from your CNCFab Account.

1-2 Day Delivery: via E-mail. We TRY to write all tune(s) the same day we process your order. Depending on workload and/or complexity of your calibration requirements.


Generating customized tunes requires some detailed information about your truck.

Enter your injector size and other modifications not listed on this order page, in the "ORDER NOTES" section at check-out where you enter your shipping/billing address.

If you would like to talk with a support person, we welcome you to get in touch with us via 'Live' chat or eMail us at [email protected]

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Maximum Performance

Great for the drag strip and dyno, this "alL-out" tune is extremely aggressive, will produce smoke and steam the competition. Whether it be dominating a Dodge or dumping the injectors and cooking rice this calibration leaves nothing behind but your adversaries.

Max Performance + Attitude

The same as the 'CUMMINS KILLER' performance-file, however this calibration will 'lope' at idle, producing the signature sound of comp-cam intake reversion.

Bomb Around Town

A beastly tune, this calibration is more aggressive than the 'DAILY DRIVER' at lower throttle input. Your shift points are higher, keeping you in the power band and at high-throttle input your torque converter will lock up in second gear to put all your new-found power from the wheels to the ground. This is an aggressive calibration yet remains very clean and drivable.

The Cruise Calibration

This extremely clean tune is calibrated with lowered shift-points and pressures for smooth operation, offering a responsive throttle-response when you need it. Typically, we see the best fuel mileage from this calibration.

LIGHT Towing Tune

This towing calibration contains the same transmission strategies as other tow-tunes but is more aggressive with the injector fueling cycle and better suited for towing small trailers or bed-loaded campers.

MEDIUM Towing Tune

This moderate towing calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup possible for towing while keeping your EGTs in check for any load. Perfect for towing large boats, small 5th-wheels or similar types of loads.

HEAVY Towing Tune

This heavy-weight towing calibration offers the best shifting and torque converter lockup for towing any load while keeping EGTs in check. Perfect for towing up-to the max tow-rating of your truck.

Reduces Idle Volume

The Quiet Idle tune lowers your idle RPM and injection pressure while dialing back the timing (at idle) to produce a much quieter idle than possible (even at stock).

High Revving Idle

This calibration locks your engine speed to a desired RPM; used for warmup, A/C, inverter use, etc.

Disables Start Function

This calibration will prevent your engine from starting by turning off fuel; your truck will not start in this file but will run (like stock) if switched to this position after the truck is already running.

Straight Back To Stock

Your stock/factory calibration
To obtain your Hydra Chip serial number, the chip must be hooked up to your computer and can be located in the lower right hand corner of the HydraFlash app.  Your PCM code is located on your PCM itself (3 letters followed by 1 number).  Common PCM codes are TDE0 on obs trucks and PMT1 or VDH2 are commonly found on '99 (and newer) 7.3’s.